A group of young engineering professionals working together in one of the most reputed engineering service organisation usually met over coffee breaks and discussed on possibilities to doing something big. The idea of setting up a organisation was instantaneous that cropped out of everyone’s mind. From then onwards no looking back ward. The next big thing is to coin a name of the organisation. The Name e-mug cropped up during one of the discussion, e-mug is a acronym of Engineering Master User Group, MUG was very usual name that was popular in the engineering industry like Pro-E MUG, Sheet Metal MUG, Casting MUG. it usually had a group experts from each of the subject working together and providing expert suggestions over the project teams. like wise the team at e-mug was carrying diversified experience, the professional and addressing the problem at the root cause and working on the solution was a big advantage for the organisation. Be it skill development or Providing Industry ready engineers or delivery cost effective solutions were designed and worked from the grass root level and provided a winning formulae to the team. Backed with Passion, Commitment and urge to make big had fuelled the team to move forward and win customers from all product domains.

From 2001 until today the strong Mind-set and commitment had helped the organisation to scale at a steady growth. We are proud to say that most of our customers who we started working from early days are still our esteemed customer. We are delighted to have such wonderful and long lasting customers

Complete Engineering is a tag line for e-mug, our philosophy is to start small and grow along has been deeply rooted into our systems and process, this uniqueness has made us a partner for many of our customer where we have been part of their team for over a decade. Our commitment, Continuous improvement and Business excellence has been very successfully with our customers as we incline to work with them on the long term basis, our Macro Management on vital few and Micromanagement on trivial many has helped us to understand the methodology and process of the customer and provide a best in class solutions for the same. This does not happen overnight and without customer support. Thanks to our customer partners who had chosen us and hand-held and helped us to grow along with them.