With over two decades of experience in engineering, Domain expertise and Passion to deliver value, we are best positioned to work with your team on your pain areas and deliver value. Our ideology of Commitment, Continuous improvement, Business excellence with Innovation is what makes e-mug unique within this engineering service industry. With Virtue of our Customers we have been associated with OEM’s and Tie-1 and Tier-2 in Aero, Auto, Off-Highway, Appliance and Industrial domains. e-mug is a ISO 9001:2013 Certified and ISO 27001:2013 company. Our Head quarters is in Hyderabad, India and European Headquarters in London, United Kingdom. We also have Representative offices in Europe, USA. Our Infrastructure is equipped with best in class Hardware, Servers, Networking, Software and Security. Our Centre Of Excellence delivers Industry ready engineers.

We acknowledge the current markets trends and position e-mug as one of the preferred partners for both Indian and Overseas customers.


e-mug’s strength is the team of seasoned and experienced professionals, led by dedicated and passionate founders. We are hard-core engineers with more than a two decade of Industry experience, we possess rich domain expertise and have vast experience with industry processes & practices and applications. e-mug capabilities range from concept development to manufacturing. our constant technological innovations provide an edge advantage to our customers.

Key Competitive Differentiators

Proven track record of over 15 years of product engineering experience in the local-global model.
An Integrated approach for Product Development and Support Services
Ability to build
Manage and work as a global engineering team that is passionate
Flexible and Responsive.




“ To Provide best in class solutions & services with high quality standards which mainly focus on Customer satisfaction through Price, Quality and Response Time”

Synergies built on Competence, Processes, Experience and commitment to make partnership successful with unique business methods

Core Values
Value Centric
Strive for excellence
Pursuit of innovation
Honesty and Integrity”


K. Siva Prasad Patnaik

Managing Director

First Employee of the  Organisation over 20 years of experience in technical and business management. Gentle yet powerful visionary, steers the organisation towards new directions and sets Goals. Believes in...
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T.C.Venkata Reddy

Director Operational Excellence

Founder Member with over 23+ years of experience in Tool Design, Product Design and Manufacturing. Currently Managing e-mug Food Industries. Passionate about work and drives results. His passion towards History...
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Shekar Reddy Sama

Director IT

Founder Member with over 22+ years of experience in Tooling, CNC Programming, Product Design and Production. Shekar interest over IT and Networking makes him a ideal guru in this area....
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P. Vishwanath Reddy

Director - Operational Excellence

Founder Member with 20+ years of experience in various domains from Manufacturing, Design,Knowedge Based Engineering. Vast experience in handling customers and providing insights on customer pain areas. "Process and Values...
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Ravindhra Babu .P

Director - Resource Management

Over 18+ years of OEM and Service industry experience with strong Interpersonal skills makes ravi one of the most liked director in the organisation. Keen in building relations with both...
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Ramalinga Raju.K

Director - Centre Of Excellence

Passion coupled with Hard work is what Ramu is known for, Having worked in different industry for over 18+ years has passion to deliver results. He works closely with the...
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Sunder Subramaniam.P

Director – Strategic Initiatives & Customer Relations

over 18+ years of experience; with rich technical and interpersonal skills can align to any demands from the customer. Positive and Enthusiastic Individual and believes in "There is always better...
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Y.V.Rajeswara Reddy

Director- Engineering Services

Over 20+ years of experience from hard core technical background backed with Right OEM and Overseas Experience; get to the bottom of the project and supports the team. Soft Spoken...
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“Our Values
At e-mug, we believe in conducting our activities in a fair, consistent, honest and trustworthy manner. We believe our success is driven by the commitment and excellence of our people. To nurture the growth of ideas and thoughts, we provide our employees a challenging environment with opportunities to learn and develop skills and talents.

We believe in being true in our commitments to our customers, our people, our partners and our suppliers. At e-mug, we believe in setting an example that will inspire all those who liaison with us and provide us opportunities galore to showcase our abilities and capabilities. We give every employee the space to grow and challenge known paradigms for innovative breakthroughs. We also understand that providing the right kind of encouragement and recognition is essential for individuals and teams to spur them on to greater heights. Performance matters. Recognition for that performance matters even more.

At e-mug; quality work and embodiment of its core values, be it at an individual or team level, across hierarchies and verticals is always recognized.Our awards are linked to performance, delivering quality and working with integrity which go towards transforming a business practice and altering the regular into the extraordinary. The awards carry even more value as these are peer recognition awards which means, a lot of experience and expertise goes into evaluating the merit of the awardees before deciding on the recipients

We encourage the team by encouraging them on few areas like
Innovation at work
Value Creation for the end customer
Breaking Barriers and winning

Our Center Of Excellence is dedicated for Skill Development, we encourage the employees to get fill in the skill gap. we have different measures to identify the Skill Gap. The Following are generally used
Competency skill gap analysis of the Staff member
Manager’s recommendation for specific training desirable in line with customer requirements
Technical Training needs based on technical competency
Project management requirement
Quality requirement
Career growth



Physical Infrastructure Equipment
• 24/7 DG Backup for Facility
• Workstations are connected with UPS
• Voice over IP facility

Hardware for Design and CAE Activities
• High End Workstations
• High Performance Computing Cluster (Multi core) for carrying out Analysis
• Access to Majority of the Software
• Manned security gate & no unauthorized vehicle entry (24 X 7)
• Staff entry/ exit controlled by Swipe Card
• Visitors entry / exit recorded; appointment verified with concerned staff
• Visitors access allowed to general areas only, unless escorted
• Visitors laptops/Camera Cell phones kept back at security gate unless specifically authorized
• Material movement strictly controlled
• 100% Power back-up; centralized UPS system
• Elaborate firefighting set-up & trained manpower; no-smoking within premises
• Video surveillance for work area, server room and all entry, exits
• First aid kit available in all facilities

Network, Data Security & IP Policy
• Background check on all employees
• Non-Disclosure Agreement with all employees and customer
• Physical separation of customer groups
• Password control restricts access to respective project areas only
• Detailed Password Policy to strengthen access control (New Password every 45 days)
• No installation right to users; No writing facility on work stations
• CD writing centralized, against authorization; fax/ scanning controlled
• Back-ups on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis; 2nd set kept in remote location for business continuity
• Internet protection via hardware firewall
• Centrally managed and updated Scanning & Anti-virus protection set-up


At e-mug Technologies, quality is our main goal and we take pride in providing high quality products to our clients. While focusing on continuous improvement of our processes and customer satisfaction, we are committed to total quality and ensure quality standards are adhered to at all levels. Processes and systems formulated and implemented at e-mug Technologies are ISO 9001:2013 compliance.

At e-mug, quality policies are designed to be customer and process oriented. An integrated system is applied throughout e-mug and performance are constantly monitored to meet the perennial quest of quality challenges.

e-mug management and employees are committed to providing customers with outstanding tools, products and services by way of stringent adherence to established quality. The objective is to strive for zero defects, focus on efficiency, performance, creativity and business excellence, build tools with high reliability and performance and be the preferred service provider for repeat business.
At e-mug Technologies, we are committed to deliver outstanding results on time-and every time, exceeding your expectations.

e-Project Management System (e-PMS)

Our excellent engineering process management capabilities allow us to seamlessly handle different client projects and effectively streamline product development processes.
e-PMS is a disciplined, step-by-step process that helps to efficiently manage entire project management from initial planning and knowledge transfer to execution and delivery of the final product, resulting in higher quality deliverables and a faster time to market.

At e-mug Technologies, e-PMS is fully integrated with the portfolio of lifecycle domain and industry solutions to provide an integrated repository for product and process knowledge that enhances every client’s project development task. By automatically capturing and managing product information from various development stages, e-PMS enables us to control and continuously improve design, engineering and manufacturing processes. It also helps in streamlining product development cycle times and effectively automate and synchronize our engineering processes.

The other benefits of e-PMS are

• It defines initial project requirements and the exact specifications for all of the deliverables
• It quickens up the transfer of product knowledge; and
• It manages and maintains on-going communication with all of the key people on our client’s team
With e-PMS, we have been able to effectively manage all of our relevant CAD, CAM, and CAE information, as well as design specifications, documents, requirements, and other types of product-centric information. Over the years, we have attained a sustained level of excellence in our Engineering Process Management capabilities. Together with our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, it ensures delivery of outstanding results.”






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