In the new economy, Knowledge and information are the driving forces of change and employees the driving force behind their proper application. Employees remain every organisation’s most important and creative resource and their expertise and skills, a vital ingredient of the organisation’s business growth and success.
Technology in the modern era is progressing at a phenomenal pace and companies need to stay a step ahead of its growth and be familiar with its usage and potential. To stay touched, every organisation needs to invest in training and ensure that their employee’s skill sets and knowledge prowess blend with the latest in the global marketplace. Updated knowledge is the key to organizational success and continuous learning imperative for the competitive advantage of any organization, in today’s marketplace.

At e-mug Technologies, we recognise the fact that companies invest in training primarily to raise the quantum of their productivity. Patterned on this belief, our training methodologies, instructor-led training and computer-based training help organisations achieve maximum return on their training investments. Our customized training courses help organisations to understand the technologies along with their implementation and management systems.

Our training methodology offers courses at the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each course managed by experienced trainers provides lots of tips, techniques, and samples to enhance trainee’s skills. Corporate professionals are trained as to how to, function, improve decision making abilities, enhance customer service, face challenges, resolve conflict and take advantage of opportunities and how to adapt to a continually changing future.
Participants are trained in a highly interactive learning environment with follow-up assistance to help each one apply what they learn.


• Better work performance and output
• Faster time-to-market for new products
• Increased sales productivity

CCP : Career Creation Program
ASAP : Additional Skill Acquisition Program


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