1 An Integrated approach
Success to any project is when the approach at the beginning is right and then the following process are established within the framework. E-mug integrated approach helps us to assimilate, engage and deliver each of our commitments
2 Knowledge Alignment
Alignment to the customer is second to none, unless we cannot understand the customer product it becomes virtually impossible to deliver value. Our skill and ability to understand the customer pain areas quickly and work closely with them helps us to win and retain our customers
3 Joint Ownership with the customer to address the critical areas
e-mug believes in Joint-Ownership, our process and practise are transparent to ensure that the customer is well informed about the progress at offshore. As a engineering service provider it would be impossible to get to know about each product from which the customer partner plays an important role to share the product know-how during the execution phase. A short learning curve helps us to keep up the pace with the customer for the next project
4 Tactical control and issues resolutions
e-mug process helps us to identify the issues and understand the root cause and work on the possible solution, We usually establish different level of communication protocol with the customer management, leadership and engineering teams. We ensure that proper issues escalations matrix is established at the beginning of the engagement. Our experience keeps us to control all the issues with ease. we aim to meet or exceed customer satisfaction at all times
5 Resource Management
It is invariable challenging to get the Right Resources with Right Skills at the Right Time at the Right Cost. The Complete project execution like schedule commitment, Quality of Delivery and Ramp-Up is completely dependent on the Resources Factor . we believe that every employee is an ambassador of e-mug and we ensure that we provide utmost focus on supporting them in all ways and means.
6 Core Vs. Content
Outsourcing is all about the Content and a complete support towards core. We understand the complete product lifecycle and appreciate the efforts that is required to complete the project and support at the right time. We understand your timelines and urgency to get to go. our continuous effort is to be flexible and support the customer at all times
7 Flexible Business Models
Flexibility provides more agility and longevity. We strive to evolve a business model to keep up the never ending customer demands. E-mug aim is to ensure that we fit into customer needs and demands with right business model.
8 Resource availability
Easy ramp up as per the plan. Our Competency center helps us in making Industry ready resouces. Our acess to these resource are really high. We can ensure to have right resource at the Right time at the Right Cost
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